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Robbie Reay's latest album; Up and Down draws inspiration from life, which is of course what the Blues is. After all, life is full of Up’s and Down’s. Trying to capture the atmosphere and emotion of live performance can be challenging, especially in the current climate. However, Robbie has listened to his many fans, fans who have commented on his live performances and how they have felt a real connection to the raw emotion and energy, which Reay puts into every song. In this album, Robbie has tried to capture these emotions. You will experience a whole range of feelings, which will reinvigorate, motivate and relax you. Some of the songs were played live, literally road tested, before Robbie recorded them in his studio. We are living in strange times under strange circumstances and Robbie hopes these songs will help lift your spirits, but also remind us of those loved ones who were not so fortunate. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride of Up and Down.


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