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"Woke up this Morning, couldn't find my shoes, didn't have no socks to wear, so I wrote some barefoot blues"...
Barefoot Bluesman Paul 'Robbie Reay' takes you on a soul-searching journey to find the crossroads, the real crossroads. This self-penned album was written to accompany the book, Barefoot Blues. Inspired by the incredible journey, Robbie decided to write a book and an album from the heart of the Mississippi Delta. What more can you say about the blues, its blues, it is real, raw, from the heart, with a twist of innuendo and mystique. Yes, he did go to the crossroads just before midnight and returned without his shoes. Robbie hopes to sell a million copies of this album and make twenty quid to buy a new pair of brogues. With a real hellhound on his trail and staying in a sharecroppers shack, Robbie played in many of the prominent places where the blues all began. From New Orleans up the Blues Highway to Clarksdale, playing at the Hopson and Dockery Plantation and meeting some incredible people along the way. Playing in Ground Zero Blues club and on the Delta Blues Stage in Clarksdale all led to this inspiring and warm album. With a homemade cigar box guitar and more recently a garden spade guitar, you could say his music is for real down to earth people, dig it! Sit back in your rocking chair with a cold one and relax yourself into the sounds of Barefoot Blues, Ya Know.

Barefoot Blues CD

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