Robbie Reay Blues Music

Blues Music 



LOCATION : Scottish Borders, Uk

GENRE : Acoustic & Electric Blues

EMAIL : [email protected]

CONTACT : +44 (0)7828191459

Short Bio

Robbie Reay is a renowned guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Equipped with a cigar box guitar and licence plate stomp-box. He blends traditional material and original songs with incredible skill, variety and innovation.

He is currently touring to promote his latest album Airsick Reay Blues Music,  A brilliant collection of original, contemporary, blues songs, heavily influenced by life, folklore and the Deep South. 


Fans Comments

Robbie's music touches the soul because it comes from the soul! 

He shares with us - through verse and musical notes - his inner feelings and experiences. Gives me the hope that the world we live in, is not totally lost yet. Just listen! And i'll guarantee you'll learn!

                - Mr E Dumitrescu -



Airsick Reay acheived No. 2 chart in the IBBA charts 2018


Fabulous performance. I have listened to music for 40 Years without having the ability to listen to the lyrics. Never will be able too. I go on the overall sound and feel. Your song side by side really grabbed me. It's a superb piece of work. Hope to see you play it again soon.

                      - Mr Jonny Logan - 

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Robbie's superb guitar playing, fine vocals and songwriting skills lend themselves to any size venue. He possesses excellent skill at holding audience attention and involving them in the performance.

- Mr Roger M Daniels -
Great show tonight at The Crafty Baa in Windermere. Well played! Vocals were proper mint and I loved the sound of the different guitars. Especially that cigar box, you’ve done a top job making it sound good. Hope to catch you again mate.

- Mr Colin Liptrot -