Robbie Reay

Blues Musician - Artist - Author  

Robbie's music is of course self penned and recorded at home, it is raw, the real deal and sincere. Steering into unfamiliar territory at times, Reay has completed several albums, whilst cultivating a diverse but respectful relationship with his roots. Since the release of Robbie's first album 'Pure & Acoustic' in 2009, Robbie has endeavoured to release an album each year.  'Pure & Acoustic' was followed by 'whispering Shadows in 2010 and then the single 'Talkin Tarn' released in 2011. 'Talkin Tarn' the single was a pre-release and the beginning of a new album. This album was not completed, as Robbie had regressed into 50's Rock n Roll.  During this, the 'mid life crisis stage', Reay recorded a Rock n Roll album and was due to release it in early 2012. Due to an unexpected set back and resulting consequences early in 2012, Robbie was unable to continue playing and writing until 2014. Robbie was able to release 'Just Rock n roll Music'  in 2014, which was actually completed early in 2012. After a turbulent few years recovering from pneumonia, Robbie started writing and playing again, returning to the singer songwriter scene and releasing 'Secret Island' in July 2014. You will be pleased to learn that Robbie came to his senses and was struck with the reality of what it is that he does best. Blues! Why didn't he see the signs earlier, he asks himself? The truth is that back in his teens Reay was approached by a Blues scout, whilst playing with Some Like It Hot (North East Rock n Roll Band). The scout wanting him to play in a London Blues club and he said Reay you are a great blues player. Not realising this potential, Reay pledged his allegiance with his current band and politely refused this opportunity. In the years since Reay stepped in and out of different styles, but kept returning to Rock n Roll. Why? He likes the live raw sound, the beat of the double bass resonating through his chest and the toe tapping rhythm and drums, but also the gentler spirit of singer songwriter folk rock music. So what is the crossover Reay thought? He loves Rock n Roll and Singer Songwriter music, but never felt totally content with the latter. A combination of both is what he needed, but what was the sound? Where does all music come from? Thankfully, after meeting a radio presenter, Jolly Roger, he steered Robbie in the direction of the Blues, Robbie found his true calling. Jolly Roger, had thought Robbie always knew that he was a blues man at heart and could hear the real sound of Reay's  music. After to an invitation to a new blues festival, Robbie travelled to deepest Northumberland in the Cheviot Hills for a fantastic weekend of Blues. He took a guitar and played on the Sunday morning in the bar of Clennell Hall before the blues artists hit the stage. Hearing Reay play, the owner of the venue said "I want him on the stage". So after jamming with a Jazz singer in the bar, Reay played a short set, completely off the cuff and it went down a storm. Bang! It finally hit home... Blues, nothing but the Blues. Embracing this revelation, Reay has now built his first Cigar Box Guitar, which has helped to carve the way for this first Blues Album. Trying to build up stamina in the lungs this is also Reay's first go at playing the harmonica properly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the album.